Available Actions

The following is the list of action provided by the module:

Action Description Query params Method available Note
/user/registration/register Displays registration form
/user/registration/resend Displays resend form
/user/registration/connect Connect a social network account code
/user/registration/confirm Confirms a user id, code
/user/security/login Displays login form
/user/security/logout Logs the user out POST only
/user/security/confirm Social account confirm id, code Query params depend of SocialNetworkAccountQuery
/user/security/auth Social account login
/user/recovery/request Displays recovery request form
/user/recovery/reset Displays password reset form id, code
/user/settings/account Displays account settings form email, username, password
/user/settings/confirm Confirms a new email id, code
/user/settings/delete Delete self account POST only
/user/settings/disconnect Disconnect social account POST only
/user/settings/export Download personal data in a comma separated values format
/user/settings/gdpr-delete Displays delete personal data page
/user/settings/networks Displays social network accounts settings page
/user/settings/privacy Displays GDPR data page
/user/settings/profile Displays profile settings form
/user/settings/two-factor Show 2fa (Two factor authentication) id https://github.com/2amigos/2fa-library required
/user/settings/two-factor-enable Enabled 2fa id https://github.com/2amigos/2fa-library required
/user/settings/two-factor-disable Disabled 2fa id POST only https://github.com/2amigos/2fa-library required
/user/profile/show Displays user's profile id
/user/admin/index Displays user management interface
/user/admin/create Displays create user form
/user/admin/update Displays update user form id
/user/admin/update-profile Displays update user's profile form id
/user/admin/info Displays user info id
/user/admin/assignments Displays rbac user assignments id
/user/admin/confirm Confirms a user id POST only
/user/admin/delete Deletes a user id POST only
/user/admin/block Blocks a user id POST only
/user/admin/switch-identity Switch identities between the current admin and user on list POST only
/user/admin/password-reset Send recovery message to the user id POST only
/user/admin/force-password-change Forces the user to change password at next login id POST only
/user/role/index Displays rbac roles management interface
/user/role/create Displays create rbac role form
/user/role/update Displays update rbac role form name
/user/role/delete Deletes a rbac role name
/user/permission/index Displays rbac permissions management interface
/user/permission/create Displays create rbac permission form
/user/permission/update Displays update rbac permission form name
/user/permission/delete Deletes a rbac permission name
/user/rule/index Displays rbac permissions management interface
/user/rule/create Displays create rbac rule form
/user/rule/update Displays update rbac rule form name
/user/rule/delete Deletes a rbac rule name

The module overrides some to make it simpler:

'<id:\d+>' => 'profile/show',
'<action:(login|logout)>' => 'security/<action>',
'<action:(register|resend)>' => 'registration/<action>',
'confirm/<id:\d+>/<code:[A-Za-z0-9_-]+>' => 'registration/confirm',
'forgot' => 'recovery/request',
'recover/<id:\d+>/<code:[A-Za-z0-9_-]+>' => 'recovery/reset'

So they become:

You can override them by setting the module's routes to an empty array. Then, configure the routes as you please.

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