How to Implement Two Factor Auth (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication products add an additional layer of security. Typically, users are asked to prove their identity by providing simple credentials such as an email address and a password. A second factor (2F) adds an extra layer of unauthorized access protection by prompting the user to provide an additional means of authentication such as a physical token (e.g. a card) or an additional secret that only they know.

With this module is quite easy. It basically implements two factor authentication using the following 2amigos libraries:

Enable Two Factor

Install required libraries with:

composer require 2amigos/2fa-library "^1.0"
composer require 2amigos/qrcode-library "^1.1"

Then enable two factor authentication in your config:

'modules' => [
    'user' => [
        'class' => Da\User\Module::class,
        'enableTwoFactorAuthentication' => true

Now, when the user go to its settings via user/settings, it will display the option to enable two factor authentication or not.

When enabled, the module will show a modal with a QrCode that has to be scanned by the Google Authenticator App (Recommended. You can download from Google Play or iTunes).

The application will display a code that needs to be inserted into the modal input box. If code verification goes well, it will enable the two factor for the user.

If a user has enabled the two factor, and after successfully login via username and email, it will render a new section where user will have to enter the code displayed on its Google Authenticator App in order to complete with the login process.

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