The way this module sends its emails is throughout the Mailer component of Yii 2. Please, follow Yii 2's guidelines to set it up.

Nevertheless, you have to configure the following attribute of the module: mailParams. the following is its default values:

    'fromEmail' => '',
    'welcomeMailSubject' => Yii::t('usuario', 'Welcome to {0}', $app->name),
    'confirmationMailSubject' => Yii::t('usuario', 'Confirm account on {0}', $app->name),
    'reconfirmationMailSubject' => Yii::t('usuario', 'Confirm email change on {0}', $app->name),
    'recoveryMailSubject' => Yii::t('usuario', 'Complete password reset on {0}', $app->name),

Actually, the only thing required is the fromEmail value. If you look at the code of Da\User\Factory\MailFactory.php you will easily find the reason why:

// take this helper function for example: 

public static function makeRecoveryMailerService($email, Token $token = null)
    /** @var Module $module */
    $module = Yii::$app->getModule('user');
    $to = $email;
    $from = $module->mailParams['fromEmail']; // fromEmail!!!
    $subject = $module->mailParams['recoveryMailSubject']; // subject!!!
    $params = [
        'user' => $token && $token->user ? $token->user : null,
        'token' => $token,

    return static::makeMailerService($from, $to, $subject, 'recovery', $params);

With that information it creates an Da\User\Service\MailService instance and this class makes use of those values to actually send the mails:

public function run()
    return $this->mailer
        ->compose(['html' => $this->view, 'text' => "text/{$this->view}"], $this->params)
        ->setFrom($this->from) // $this->from is actually fromEmail!!!
        ->setSubject($this->subject) // $this->subject is actually recoveryMailSubject!!!

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