Console Commands

The module comes with a set of console commands to facilitate some of the most common actions during development time:

  • user/create to create a new user
  • user/confirm to confirm a user
  • user/delete to delete a user
  • user/password to update a user's password


To enable the commands add the following configuration details to your console config of your application:

// ... 

'modules' => [
    'user' =>  Da\User\Module::class,

How to Use Them


If password is not set, it will automatically generate it. The newly created user will receive an email message with its new credentials. If a role is provided, it will assign it to the user. Is important not note, that if the role doesn't exist, the command will create it.

./yii user/create <email> <username> [password] [role]


You can confirm a user whether by using its email or username.

./yii user/confirm <email|username>


You can delete a user whether by using its email or username.

./yii user/delete <email|username>


You can update a user's password whether by using its email or username.

./yii user/password <email|username> <password>

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